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Nigerian man drinks too much red wine on the plane then pees on a fellow passenger

A Nigerian man who was peed on by a drunken passenger aboard an airplane has narrated his ordeal. Prince OA took to Facebook to share his story after a passenger who kept requesting and drinking red wine all through the journey could no longer hold the content of his bladder then happily unleashed it on him.

Read his story below:

How not to end a year in an ideal way. Life is stranger than fiction, just got peed on by a drunk man in the plane. The idiot took too much wine, fell over on my seat and I tried to lead him to the toilet. Big lesson for 2018, don't suffer fools, especially those that fall over you. Guy then proceeded to empty his tank, on the airline floor just before the bathroom. Some crap air host/hostesses have to take. Ridiculous. Yes, he is Nigerian. No, it is not our attitude. He is an embarrassment to 'the abroad' and no his village people have no hands in his greed and gluttony over red wine!! I absolve him. To think the clown has a kid and wife, at least so he was boasting a few hours before.

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