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Mexican lawmaker lands in trouble after video of her having s*x with a stripper publicly leaks (18+ video)

Maria del Roble

A Mexican lawmaker is in trouble at work, after she got really freaky at a strip club last Saturday. According to MediaTakeOut, the Governor of Parras de la Fuente in Mexico, Maria del Roble and Javier Molina organised an event 'only for women' at a strip bar called La Patrona. Everything was fine until one female lawmaker decided to switch things up.

The unnamed lawmaker took to the stage, gave one of the the male strippers hired for the show a blow job, then proceeded to have sex with the stripper in the full glare of the public. The stripper enjoyed himself so much he was seen spanking her butt intermittently.

The video which has been making the rounds on social media landed the politicians in trouble.  According to reports, Maria del Roble denied she organised the event and everyone involved is now claiming Shaggy!

Here is the link to the video Please do not click on the link if you are using a device your daddy or mummy bought for you. (video is rated 18)

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