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Mel B erases husband's name tattoo off her body... the scar looks awful

Singer Mel B is done carrying anything that reminds her of her ex-husband. The former Spice Girls singer went to the doctors and tried to erase the tattoo of her ex Stephen Belafonte she was carrying. The tattoo which had read "Stephen till death do us part you own my heart, " is now just a scar and "till death do us part you own my heart."
Mel B filed for divorce earlier in the year, amidst several controversies.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte decided to end their marriage of ten years, after Mel B reportedly suffered years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Stephen allegedly hooked up with their nanny and got her pregnant while they were still married.

The former lovers recently reached an agreement on the next step of their divorce, which includes Belafonte destroying their sex tapes.

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