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Little boy writes Santa hilarious letter after Santa failed to grant his wish... Santa responds

A little boy's hilarious letter to Santa has gone viral. The boy whose name is Jeremy exchanged quite a banter with Father Christmas after he refused to grant his wish this past Christmas.

 Jeremy decided to write the letter, after Santa only fulfilled one out of his two wishes. He threatened to make Santa pay if Santa didnt fulfil his second wish and gave San.

Santa in response to the 'naughty boy' accused him of demanding for expensive gifts. He told Jeremy he would add him to his naughty list if Jeremy acted ungrateful.

Jeremy who wouldn't be cowered into giving up his right, promptly fired back at Santa. He told Santa his threats won't scare him then called him (Santa) a slave owner.

Santa angered by that, told Jeremy he had asked his parents to take away his Wii U in order to teach him a lesson.

See their exchange below:

Poor Jeremy he has to learn never to be rude to Santa. 

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