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Killer pretending to be dumb becomes dumb for real after 12 years

A murderer who pretended to be dumb, somehow managed to lose his power of speech for real. According to AFP, a Chinese man named Zeng killed his wife's uncle following a dispute over 500 Yuan ($76). He changed locations then pretended to be dumb.

He changed his identity, got married, became a father then got a job at a construction company. Local police became suspicious about Zeng's lack of identity papers and a search was carried out on him. It was later discovered that his DNA matched that of a murderer that was wanted 12 years ago.

Zeng later confessed in writing that after 12 years of pretending to be dumb, he could no longer speak. He said his reason for acting mute was so he would not say something stupid. Zeng is facing murder charge and could be sentenced to death if convicted.

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