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Jealous husband cuts off his wife's hands because he thought she was cheating (graphic photo)

A jealous husband has hacked off his wife's hands after accusing her of cheating on him. Dmitry Grachyov from Russia, cut off his wife Magarita's hands with an axe because he believed she was having an affair.

According to several reports, the 26 year old man took his wife to a forest after accusing her of having an affair then tried to coerce her into confessing. When it didn't work, he severed her hands one after the other, and left her needing a highly complex nine hour surgery to fix the hands.

He then drove her to the hospital then surrendered himself to the police. One hand was lucky but the right was too damaged to be fix.

The couple who have been married for five years reportedly have two sons aged three and four. Dmitry before attacking his wife had ordered her to take a lie detector test which she gladly obliged but that didn't stop him from mutilating gruesomely.

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