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"I would've been a wheelbarrow pusher if not for the Streetz, stop killing Yahoo boys "- Nigerian boy blast SARS

Following the multiple protest concerning human rights violations levelled against officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), a young Nigerian boy, Star Alexzy Markson has recorded a video blasting the blood thirsty officers on social media.

Video of the angry boy slamming the Nigerian police unit whose penchant for killing Nigerians randomly has gone viral.
In the video, Markson who is 22-years-old said he would amount to nothing if he hadn't gone into the 'Streets' to hustle.

He said he'll probably be a wheelbarrow pusher had he not taken his destiny into his own hands to make a living online.

Markson warned the SARS team to stop the incessant killings of "Yahoo boys" and instead go after the thieving politicians who rob Nigerians with their N20 biros.

Hear him:

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