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Handsome Nigerian man who has been celibate for 7 months takes to Twitter to look for a sex mate

A young handsome Nigerian man is on twitter searching for a sex mate. The man, who hasn't had sex in 7 months took to the micro blogging site to make the rather unusual advertisement with the hopes that he'll find a partner who will put an end to the sex drought he is experiencing.

He wrote on his timeline:

I've never had sex in 7 months due to some reasons... I suddenly see the need to have sex, so if you’re a lady and need sex but you have no companion let get in touch please!I’m sexually active!I have my HIV status get urs!Kindly RT. My sex mate might be on your TL
Shortly after @officialsunnexy tweeted his request, his tweet went viral with many laughing at his demand. He was forced to delete the tweet. He is however still on Twitter, so you can find a way to hit him up if you like him.

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