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Facebook user shares photo of 'slay goat' that refuses to breastfeed it kid

Social media is a wonderful place. You never really know what to expect everyday. A Facebook user is out here cracking people up, after he shared photos of a "slay goat" that refused to breastfeed its kid after birth. The user shared photos of the goat being held down and its kid hungrily sucking, then wrote:

WONDERS SHALL NEVER END!!!I never knew we have SLAY GOATS too.This is one of the reasons why I ENJOY going to the VILLA, because I know I must see something NEW! This our slay goat in the Villa refused to BREASTFEED its KID since birth.You have to bring her down by force before the kid will be able to SUCK BREAST.  If the kid tries to go on its own to the mother for SUCKLING, the mother will just hit it real hard and drive it away.Ooo Chi moo……. Now I ask,*WHAT IS THIS SLAY GOAT TRYING TO DO???*IS IT THAT IT DOESN’T WANT THE BREAST TO FALL OR WHAT??? 

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