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Die Hard fan tattoos Wizkid's image on her back... Wizkid puts out a search for her

A crazed Wizkid fan identified only as Diana has tattooed an image of the singer on her back. The young girl who's likely in her early twenties said she's really in love with the singer who already has 3 baby mamas.

Diana said the tattoo is permanent and revealed she's not bothered about it. When asked what she think will be the reaction of her future husband on seeing the tattoo, she said, The love she has for Wizkid will never left her married.

Am so in love with Wizkid that I have no intention of even getting married.
 She said her parents are aware she is a dire fan of Wizkid so they are cool with it. 
My  father saw it and had no problem with it and so did my friends, who also had no problem with it.
Wizkid on hearing about her, responded. He tweeted, "where she dey ooooo?"

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