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Dead baby wakes up on the way to his funeral

A baby born after just 5 months of gestation has miraculously survived after he was pronounced dead by doctors. The surviving baby had a twin sister who unfortunately didn't survive. She was stillborn. The boy, was declared “dead” shortly after his sister’s birth.

Each baby was placed in a plastic bag to be taken to the crematorium. As the family travelled toward Madhuban Chowk to perform the traditional Hindu funeral rites, a family member felt movement in one of the bags. They opened it to discover the baby boy was alive. The twins’ grandfather said, “We ripped it open, found bits of plastic and the baby inside, breathing.”
The surviving twin has been named Champ. He’s now living on life support in a nursing home.
This isn’t the first time that a Delhi hospital has declared a living baby “dead.”

In June 2017, the government-run Safdarjung Hospital declared a 24-week pre-term fetus dead.

At home, they family wanted to see the baby one last time. Father Rohit Kumar said, “I wouldn’t have opened the polythene if it weren’t for the ladies of the family; they insisted on seeing the boy’s face. When we opened the cover we found he was moving his hands and feet.”
The hospital did file an inquiry and admitted to the mistake: 
“We do admit there has been a lapse on our part; as it appears the staff on duty did not consult the doctor and presumed the baby dead as it had no signs of life and weighed 460 gms, which isn’t even viable as per standards. Such fetuses hardly survive.”

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