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Daily Affirmation 13th December

I affirm that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus! The Spirit of God has taken His abode in my heart; therefore, my life is one of glory and excellence. I have received eternal life, and my life is indestructible! There’s a pulsating life that permeates my entire being, and with that life, I bless my world today. I am conscious that I have something to give; thus, I distribute the blessings of the Kingdom to those I come in contact with today. I am exceedingly fruitful; there's nothing that I do that fails. There's no unfruitfulness in me because I am the seed of Abraham. Daily, my spirit is exposed to the Word and I'm brought to remembrance of all that I require to live the divine life. Through my fellowship with the Spirit, the realities and glories of the Kingdom are made manifest in my life, and I experience the manifestations of the Spirit in my daily walk. I know the Lord’s thoughts towards me; they are thoughts of peace, success, prosperity and a triumphant life! Blessed be God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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