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Akwa Ibom woman pregnant for three years gives birth to a dog

A pregnant woman has allegedly given birth to a puppy in Rivers State. According to Facebook user, Kukang Joseph, the woman who is from Akwa Ibom state, had been pregnant for three years and unable to deliver. She went for deliverance service in church and while prayer was ongoing, the women birth a live puppy. Read his story below:

I, witnessed live, today at BMGS, Bori main gate. An Akwa Ibom, woman who had been pregnant for 3yrs, came for a church deliverance in a ministry, owned by a young prophet from Akwa Ibom state, gave birth to a live dog.
It occurred that while in warfare prayers, revelation came that the mother in-law, charmed her, and replaced her child with a live dog . That's puppet in the pics with the woman on the bike, covered with wrapper.
I, personally advised she should be covered to avoid stigmatization and shame, because the crowd was much to look and took snaps. The dog refused to burned even after several hrs of applying fuel and firewood.

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