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Woman who said she communicates with the dead commits suicide

Oh no! We woke up to some sad unconfirmed news. Dunno if you guys remember Christy Glo, the woman who said she communicates with the dead? (Read here if you missed it) according to multiple online sources, she is dead.
She committed suicide last night after threatening to end her life in a live video on Facebook.  Reports say she was allegedly pregnant for a man who dumped her.

Someone who claims to be her elder sister told people on Facebook that she left a note. She said they are on their way to Ogbogu in Ogba to bury her.

Christy Glo, a massage therapist trended on social media last week, after she said she constantly communicates with the dead. She said ghosts help in her field of work as they tell her what clients take and the ones to reject.

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