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Woman who communicates with the dead faked suicide for two minutes of fame

So this morning we woke up to a sad story, that the lady who communicates with the dead committed suicide. Turns out it was a publicity stunt. She lied about committing suicide so as to see the reactions of people, according to her.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

Yes I was extremely depressed yesterday& ,ade live a video dat I was contemplating committing suicide. To my greatest surprise, some people I thought were my friends &business partners made comments dat suggested dat set were happy about the development an want me dead... So I decided to stay a little stronger and post that I am actually dead just to discover my enemies & my true friends and dat i have achieved to its fullest. This short period, I have discovered people who truly love me n dose who have been pretending to. So I was actually waiting for my daughter to come back from vigil so I can give her my blessings before I go but to God's glory, my very good friend EFCC Chiko came to my house this morning and save the situation.
People on social media have been trolling her since her prank backfired. While some are happy that she is alive and well, others have lambasted her for playing such a prank.

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