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Woman labels bottles of juice Chicken Sperm, Lizard shit, to stop people from stealing it

This has to be the most hilarious thing today. A trickster labeled her bottle of juice with scary names just to deter people from stealing it.

According to Uyai Benjamin who shared the hilarious photo on Facebook, the trickster labeled her juice as Chicken Sperm, Concoction from Baba (special) and  Lizard Shit, then stored the juices in the refrigerator hoping that the horrific labelling scares people away from her drink.

Interestingly our dear Facebook user after drinking from all the bottles said he isn't scared of any of those, rather he is scared of the unlabelled egg.

When Ecama Eshiett doesn't want me to drink her fruit juice she labels it with scary names 😲. Well! I ain't deterred, saw when she was preparing them so who cares😆. I just had a sip of the three😒. Truth be told I'm more scared of the unlabelled egg, he wrote.

Who else can pull this kind of trick?

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