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Wicked woman traveling out of the country locks maid in the house for weeks with two packets of Cabin biscuits

Nkechi Osseh

Dunno if any of you have seen the disheartening photos of a thirteen year old orphaned maid who was locked in the house by her boss making the rounds on social media.

According to reports, the teenage girl, Nkechi Oseh, was brought in to serve as a maid to Betty Ifeoma, a staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
Betty would usually lock the maid inside her house at No 30 Adeniran Ajao Estate Anthony, Lagos, anytime she is traveling out of the country. This time, she locked her in with just 2 packets of Cabin biscuits.

Nkechi's scarred back

Scars sustained from domestic abuse were found on the girl's body. Nkechi reportedly said she resorts to drinking toilet water whenever her boss travels. This has happened at least four times, since she was brought from Igboju in Delta State. Nkechi told the rescue team:
“I have been locked up for two weeks, one-week, three-weeks when she traveled to London and since she traveled on Saturday I have been crying before God helped me today”

She is now under the care of the Child Protection Unit of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State. 

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