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Selena Gomez now calls Bella Hadid Dead Fish... The Weeknd told her Bella is a dead fish in bed

So there's an ongoing rumour that Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are having a texting war after The Weeknd went back to Bella Hadid following his split from Selena.

Selena reportedly called the model 'Dead Fish' after her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd allegedly told her that Bella Hadid behaves like a dead fish in bed.

According to a report on gossip site BlindGossip,
This singer and this model both dated the same musician in the past. It created a rift in their peer group.
While you would think they all would have moved on, they haven’t. In fact, the two of them are engaged in a bit of a texting war right now! They are not directly texting each other, though. Instead, each has a proxy passing along messages.
It’s just a lot of name calling. They mostly call each other whore and sloppy seconds and cokehead. Also, [Musician] told [Singer] that [Model] is like a dead fish in bed, so [Singer] now calls her Dead Fish.
In Dead Fish’s defense, she did have that pill problem. Maybe that’s what made her so lethargic.

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