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Robert Mugabe goes on hunger strike as Zanu-PF sack him as party leader

Zimbabwe's embattled president,  Robert Mugabe, has formally been sacked from his role as leader of the country's ruling party Zanu-PF. The party announced that Mugabe is to be replaced by the country's vice president  Emmerson 'Crocodile' Mnangagwa, who was sacked earlier this month by Mugabe.

Mugabe on the other hand refused to stepped down as Zimbabwe's president and has proceeded on hunger strike. 

According to Daily Mail, the Zimbabwean dictator has refused to eat and drink for 2 straight days and isn't talking to anyone at his Blue Roof home. 
His wife Grace Mugabe nicknamed 'Gucci Grace' has also been expelled from her role as the Zanu-PF women's leader. 

A family source told Daily Mail Mugabe's refusal to eat is a strategic ploy from one of his bag of tricks. 

The old man has been trying a lot of various tricks since last night. Hunger strike, making threats, and refusing to talk,  another source told the publication. 

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