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'Onyeka Onwenu gave me my worst experience in life' - Singer Aramide

Nigerian singer Aramide has revealed that veteran actress and singer Onyeka Onwenu, is not so nice a person in real life. Aramide in a recent interview with Thenetng revealed Onyeka Onwenu gave her, her worst experience in life.

She said she had just finished opening a show for the Iyogogo crooner, when she was invited to take a photo with the singer. Onyeka Onwenu allegedly reacted so badly to then then up comer Aramide so much it scarred her.

I was still really new in the industry and I was an opening act for Onyeka Onwenu so after my performance, they came to call me to take a picture with her and as i got close to her, she just went off on me, she was like 'don't touch me'.It was really crazy. It was the worst thing and its still like the worst experience i've had in my life. Everyone was starring, it was weird, it was bad but i still ended up taking the picture but for me it kind of scarred me, she said.

Social media users took to different platforms to share the terrible experiences they have had with the crooner at different times, after Aramide's interview went viral.
Good side of the whole drama was that, it taught the young singer what to never do to others.

Watch the video below:

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