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Nigerian woman dumps boyfriend of 5 years after he saw her through school, set to marry another

A jilted Nigerian man Tea Gomos has taken to Facebook to decry the poor treatment his girlfriend of 5 years Ndonima Micah Enoch meted to him.

Gomos shared a photo of his ex-girlfriend's wedding invitation saying she dumped him after he invested a lot in her. He said he supported her through school, cared for her and introduced her to his family only to find out she was engaged to someone else shortly before the wedding.

Gomos says he has forgiven the girl who kept ignoring his marriage proposal with flimsy excuses. He invited his friends to the wedding which will hold on December 2, 2017 in Jos.

Read his story below:

He however deleted the post after people bullied him online for disgracing his dubious ex. He again took to Facebook to apologise for the embarrassment. Poor guy!

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