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Mother shocked to learn her son’s face can unlock her iPhone X in seconds

Are you one of those people who bought the iPhone X because of its facial recognition feature, then know this, you have been scammed. Lol!

Apple's advanced Face ID tech is an epic failure. The facial recognition feature which was overhyped  by Apple causing people to chun out $1000 for the new iPhone X, has been anything but pleasant.

Owners of the phone recently found out the much publicised phone can be unlocked by just anything from a paper mask to their own children.

A mom, Sana Sherwani posted video of her 10-year-old son Ammar, unlocking her iPhone X by just glancing at it, even though Apple claim there are numerous difference that the Face ID should detect. Sana's husband wrote on You Tube alongside the video:
When my wife and I received our iPhone X, our 10-year-old son walked in anxious to get his hands on the new iPhone X. Right away my wife declared that he was not going to access her phone. Acting exactly as a kid would do when asked to not do something, he picked up her phone and with just a glance got right in.
See the video below:

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