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Malia Obama is out here smoking weed like a pro ... and blowing smoke rings

Malia Obama is constantly proving to be a torn in her father's flesh. The 19-year-old daughter of former U.S President Barack Obama now smokes weed like a pro. A footage of the Havard student smoking weed and blowing smoke rings with her mouth is presently in circulation on Instagram.

Days ago, a video of Malia locking lips with a boy passionately went viral. The boy was later discovered to be her school mate in Havard, Rory Farquharson.

Malia is definitely doing stuff most girls her age would do but the weed smoking, we are not so sure of.

She is gradually becoming a wild child. But then, this could be a phase she will outgrow soon.

Watch the video below:


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robyn spencer said...

I love how we take advantage of a moment to ridicule and criticize something that has been going on forever at least she's in college and she's not a high school student or Elementary School school student. At least she had the decorum she was supposed to have while her family was in the white house unlike the Bush daughters or president Clinton and his Oval Office or the current president president and his harassment. It's time for the bloggers in the journalist to start finding the good and people instead of adding to the nonsense that is always on social media. I know you're trying to become famous. But what did you do with your life?

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