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'I am addicted to peeing in my pant' - Nigerian lady reveals

A Facebook user has reveal her favourite habit is peeing in her panties. 22-year-old Angela Nwosu took to Facebook to share her disgusting habit with the public. In a post titled, I Deliberately Wet My Pant All The Time, Nwosu said she pees in her panties when no one is around and watching. She said doing that arouses her and gives some form of fulfilment.

I am a pant wetter, and totally addicted to peeing in my pants and have been all my life. Sometimes, I think I am the only one in the world who loves pee this much. I pee in my pants everyday and all day long and I do it intentionally, kai. I do not have any physical or medical problem that makes me loose control or leak, I do it on purpose, as it makes me feel so good. In fact, I do not like to be dry very long at all or I'm always wanting to wet my pants soon. However, I can be dry when needed (there are those times you need to be dry) but when I do wet my pants, it's usually when am home alone (hehe)...
After years of intentionally wetting my pants, I have gotten very good at being wet and no one knowing it. I have no problem hiding it from my family and public. Again, I don't really know what it is (I have given up trying to figure it out) but I just love peeing on myself and being nice and damp all the time. It feels so good and it's so sensual and arousing, it turns me on, Kai.
Even as a kid, I had these feelings. Sounds weird doesn't It? Yea, I am strange like that. Have you ever heard this from anyone else?
It's so exciting and fun, but you would never know, until you try it.
Pee in your pant today, ighotago?
Udo, she wrote.

The things we see on social media sha.

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