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Woman on Facebook brags about putting menstrual blood in her boyfriend's spaghetti... he gave her a ring after

A woman took to the 'streets of Facebook' to brag about giving her man a special meal that earned her commitment afterwards. The user whose identity has been concealed for obvious reasons, shared a photo of a bowl of spaghetti she prepared with her menstrual blood and said it earned her a ring from her man.

She perpetrated her devilish plan in 2014, and returned in 2017 to show off the ring it earned her. She wrote:

So scrolling thru FB today, one of my homegirls was asking does the blood in the spaghetti trick work.. lol now I ain't tryna influence nobody to do anything but there was no ring on my finger before the spaghetti but after the spaghetti there is a ring! It's a cold world out there ladies, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


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