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Three year old girl goes missing after her dad made her stand outside at 3am for not drinking her milk

A three-year-old girl has gone missing, after her father made her stand outside in the dark at about 3am as punishment for not drinking her milk.

According to Sun.uk, Wesley Mathew ordered his daughter Sherin to stand near a tree in their garden at 3am, as part of punishment for disobeying him. When he went outside minutes later, the toddler who has developmental disability had disappeared.

Mathew, who lives in Texas didn't notify police about his missing child until 5 hours later. He has been arrested and charged with abandoning and endangering a child, while his older daughter, aged four has been taken away from him and placed in foster care.

Wesley told police coyotes have been seen in the area but there's no indication she was harmed by one.  The search for Sherin is ongoing. We pray she is found in one piece.

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