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SARS officers in Port Harcourt beat and strip man naked in front of his wife for poking fun at them

A Facebook user has narrated how he was brutalised by Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) officers on Monday in Port Harcourt. According to Ubong Ufford, he was driving his wife to work when it happened, the incident occurred along Amadi, just before the roundabout at about 8am.

He said Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) officers were trying to manoeuvre their way in traffic when he poked fun at them. They stopped and descended on him while also threatening to shoot him. Ufford said they attempted to whisk him away but his wife was his saving grace as she held on to him, refusing to let him go.

Here's what he wrote:

About 8 am this morning on my way to drop off my wife in the office, along Amadi just before the Amadi roundabout, A white hilux truck was blaring siren behind me menacingly in an obviously traffic jammed road, trying to maneuver his way through, the men inside were all dressed in plain clothes, thinking it was this siren glad company intervention vehicles, I jokingly said"na wa o this your siren e be like u just buy am o" never knew they heard me......suddenly they veered to my left one of them asked what did you say? Perceiving the harsh undertone in his voice I replied" Oga I no talk anything bad o I just asked if this siren na new one, "why u ask he bellowed........because e too loud. That was my crime this morning, infact a capital offense. I was beaten, bruised, my cloth torn to bits and I was stripped from waist up, one of the SARS policemen as I later learnt attempted to shoot my car tires and my foot. And I would've been whisked away to God knows where if not for my wife who refuse to let go of me. Eventually a woman ASP intervened from the traffic control post and we ended in Abuloma police station. Thinking of it now I understand why SARS is rejected by Rivers people..........those guys are obviously killing innocent citizens, because one of them said"u get luck no be night we for puncture ur body!!!

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