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Peter 'Psquare' Okoye release first song as solo artist...watch it here

Awwww... Psquare have finally gone their separate ways as one of the sing duo just released his first song as a solo artist. Peter Okoye who now goes by the name MrP released his debut single titled Cool It Down on Friday.

Guess we all thought they would find a way to get back together but it is all cool. Watch the song below and lets know what you think. Meanwhile, me thinks the competition on who will come out better is going to be intense.

Peter needs to take it slow a bit. He needs to take his time to come up with something great as we already know Paul used to be the main singer of the group. Dunno why but I'm rooting for Peter, he was the face of Psquare, I desperately want him to succeed. Yes I just picked a side.

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