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'Nothing's changed' - O.J. Simpson says hours after leaving jail

O.J. Simpson has been spotted for the first time since his release from jail. The jailbird was seen at a gas station, shortly after he was quietly released from Lovelock Correctional Facility on Sunday.

A photographer spotted and engaged the star who was still in his prison blues.
How does it feel to be out, the photog asked. Simpson says, how would I know? Y'all stalking me?
When asked where he was headed, Simpson said, 'it's none of your business', before making it clear he was yet to experience freedom as he's been in a car for the last five hours, "how do I know what it feels to be out"? he fires back at the poke-nosing photog.  He however said nothing has changed in his life in the last nine years of his incarceration.

Watch the video below:

Simpson was released from jail on Sunday at about 12am after serving a 9 year jail term for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Video credit: The Blast

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