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Newborn baby allegedly born with message from God written on his palm (photo)

A Facebook user has shared a photo with an accompanying story about a baby who was born with a message from God inscribed on his palm. 

According to Samuel Shami Aghasa, the baby, born in Abuja allegedy had his hands glue together. After doctors forced it open, they saw a message inscribed on his palms. The message read, Jesus is Coming Soon! 
He said the baby died shortly after, but was brought back to life and then died again

 Read his story below:

Brothers and sisters the picture you see here is a new born baby that was given birth to in one of the general hospitals somewhere around abuja, whom at point of birth has his hands glued together and the doctors tried they did surgery and opened the hands but with biggest shock of their lives they found in his hands it was written boldly JESUS IS COMING SOON. And immediately the baby gave up, on seeing this the mother rushed and called a Rev Fr. who prayed over water and administer to baby's mouth, and immediately he revived back alive but this time a baby that is less than a week spoke out and he said JESUS IS COMING SOONER THAN YOU EXPECTED and that was the end he died. The important message he said is this,tell the world about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, he also promised calamity for those that will not spread this news. Pls I have done my part to preach as I was told its now your turn, share this picture and text to as many contacts that are on your whatapps,instagram, messenger and rest of them. I love that is reading this as heaven is certainly our heritage. IJN AMEN.

Who believes this story? 

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