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Justin Bieber's lookalike beaten to a pulp by school bullies for sleeping with their love interest

Guess even his looks couldn't save him.

A young Zambian man who has an uncanny resemblance to American singer Justin Bieber, was beaten and humiliated by bullies in his school. His crime? He allegedly slept with the girlfriend of one of the bullies.

In some photos shared online, Bieber's lookalike, Gaven Powell showed off the painful marks his assaulters left on his tender skin.
Powell who has been nicknamed Justin Bieber is a student of Chengelo Secondary School in Mukushi, Zambia.

He displayed the bodily injuries inflicted on him by his school mates Jabulani Nhiziyo and Mwila Hara after words went out that he slept with a named girlfriend of one of them.

Videos which went viral days ago show the two boys beating up the hapless teenager in their school dorm. The pupils pounced on him, taking turns to kick, slap and punch him,while several others watched on.

The school have however threatened to expel the students.

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