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I curved him for four years, date his brother and bestfriend, bore a baby by his cousin but he still proposed - Woman brags

A Twitter user shared an interesting but short story, after she got a ring from her man. @lilcanon said she curved a guy four years ago, then dated his best friend and his brother, as if that wasn't enough, she took in and bore a baby by his cousin but the guy still proposed to her.

The happy bride to be shared her story on the microblogging site while also showing off the cute ring the lover man got her.

Was actually going to say the heart want what it wants, when I saw more tweets from her. She further revealed that she deceived him about the baby, lying the child was adopted. The guy also didn't know she dated his brother and his best friend.
Poor guy, he is in for a long one.

See her tweets below:

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