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'African women must bow for their husbands'... Nollywood actor Adebayo Salami

Nollywood actor Adebayo Salami, has aired his views on the role of men and women in marriages. In a recent interview with BroadwayTV, the actor who is also called Oga Bello said it is the duty of an African woman to bow to her husband. He said it is wrong for men to take their wives out to restaurants as the woman should be made to cook at home. In his words:

We are throwing the African culture away. Our forefathers cannot claim that you are equal with your husband. It does not matter, it happens out there, in the western world that is part of the relation I am talking about. Women are taught to bow for their husbands. The husband too must respect the wife There is respect there, bow, do things for him, he said.

'Bow'...oh wow... isn't that some ego ssh? Bow is such a strong word and kinda sound like modern day slavery. While it's ok for women, to submit to their husbands, it is absolutely not cool for a man to suggest a woman bows to him simply because he is a man.

 Watch the video below:

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