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YouTube star live-streams his suicide... he let a poisonous snake bite him because his wife cheated on him

A heartbroken YouTube star has committed suicide in the strangest of ways. Arian Valeev, from Petersburg, Russia, took his own life in front of thousands of his followers after he let a deadly snake bite him.

The 31-year-old snake expert used to work as a zoo employee and always featured exotic animals in his videos. He usually would run the YouTube channel with his wife Ekaterina Pyatzhkina but, unfortunately their marriage fell apart after Pyatyzhkina allegedly cheated on him.

Heartbroken and pained from the betrayal, Valeev allowed his pet, a black mamba bite him while his subscribers watched. He died immediately but not without leaving a suicide message.

In his message, he told Katya still loves her and was devastated that she cheated on him while they were still a couple. He pleaded with his subscribers to call her and beg her to come visit him as he lay dying.

Watch the video below:

Weird much!

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