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Young thief narrowly escapes lynching after police arrives just in time

A young boy who was allegedly caught stealing car batteries and 'other items' narrowly escaped lynching after a police officer showed up at the right time.

According to the policeman who shared the story and photos on Facebook, the teenage thief, was caught by area boys while stealing from a mechanic workshop along Oron Road in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

He was tied up and was nearly lynched when he (the police officer) stepped in and introduced himself to the mob. He succeeded in rescuing the thief from them, and took the boy away for investigations.

Here's what he wrote.

#AbortedJungleJustice... I just save life this #ForgivingSunday Morning... This young boy was caught by area boys stealing car batteries and other items in a mechanic workshop, they tighten the boy like he-goat pour petrol on him, about to set fire on him to burn to ashes... As God may have it I stepped into the scene, introduced myself and ordered all of them to stand down their actions else everybody will go in for it.... Though wasn't easy for them to obey me, I immediately call Police for backup, to also take away the boy for proper investigations....
God Forgiving N Merciful..Thank n Glorify Him
Happy Sunday Everyone

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