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You need to "grow your hass hop" - Bobrisky slams 'eighters' in new video

Nigerian male-barbie, Bobrisky, is a very funny dude. A visit to Bobrisky's social media page, whether on Instagram or Snapchat page is sure to makes your day. I'm even starting to think he will do better as a comedian.

The Instagram thot who is always fighting one hater or the other is out here slamming his invisible 'eighters'. The cross dresser took to the picture sharing app, to blast 'eighters' who wouldn't mind their business.

Your insults or anything stupid you are saying will not stop my money from coming into my account,  Bobrisky addressed his haters in a new video.
So just stop insulting me, you know as you are insulting me, you are making me more famous... Hmmm? You are making people who don't know me get to know me, so you need to grow 'hop', grow your 'hass hop', and just get over the 'eight', he advised.

Video below:

Poor guy...he spends so much time defending his lifestyle, when he should be out there living his life.

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