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Woman reaction at meeting Beyonce earns her severe backlash on social media

A Performer, Olivia Pucket has been slammed on social media after she shared photos with her 'creator' Beyonce. Olivia Puckett who met the singer at a Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen, took to Instagram to share photos with a caption too difficult to ignore, earning her severe backlash from her followers.

Puckett looked in awe of Beyonce in one of the photographs, and appeared to suggest she worships the singer in her caption. She says Beyonce created her and admits that the birth of her first child would not amount to the moment she set eyes on the Beyonce.

I breathed the same air as the woman who created me. Created us all, truly. The birth of my first child will not amount to this moment. All is new. All is new. We embraced. Her skin was soft. I touched her arm for too long. My head hurts. I can't be bothered picking a filter right now. I have to go lay down, she wrote

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