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Usher's Herpes Scandal: See photos of the new victim Usher allegedly infected

One of Usher's alleged Herpes victim has filed legal docs against the singer. Her name is Laura Helm.  She is a Jazz singer from New Orleans. Helm claims that she and the RNB singer had sex twice.

The African-American woman also revealed, she performed oral sex on Usher without a condom and Usher acted weirdly after the act.
According to Helm, he grabbed his penis and immediately went into the bathroom, not giving her enough time to  check his ejaculate. The two later performed oral sex on each other and then had intercourse without a condom.

‘Immediately after engaging in sexual and intimate relations with [Helm] on April 28, 2017, [Usher] leapt from the bed, grabbed his penis, ran to the bathroom,and began to shower again. [Helm], a bit confused by his behavior, left his hotel room while he was showering.’
The complaint then notes, once more: ‘[Usher’s] actions prevented [Helm] from being able to observe [Usher’s] ejaculate.’
Helm alleges that a few days later ‘an unusual bump appeared on the inside of [her] cheek.’
A few days after that, ‘an unusual bump the size of a green pea that was painful to the press touch appeared on [Helm’s] vagina’ s according to the filing.

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