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Swarm of bees attack protesters at Supreme Court in Kenya - And people are saying a ghost caused it

A swarm of bees have attacked protesters at a court in Kenya. Protesters who were in court protesting the nullification of the August 8 presidential election in Kenya were attacked alongside the policemen who were on duty today.

Everyone ran away, but a disabled beggar who couldn't run was left unconscious after the attack. He was evacuated by an ambulance after the bees stung him.

The protesters had gathered to protest against the ruling by Kenya's Supreme Court judge, Justice David Maraga, after he nullified the election that saw Kenya's incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta winning the election a second time.

An witness who was at the Court claim he saw a ghost dressed in trousers dropping the bees in the midst of the people.

Kenya's main opposition Raila Odinga had gone to court to contest the results of the presidential election. The election was annulled and fresh elections were ordered to be held within 60 days. The re-run will be held on the 17th of October.

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