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Snoop Dogg takes highly inappropriate photo with Instagram model and gets dragged on social media

Just yesterday, Kevin Harts was in the news for cheating on his wife Eniko Parrish. Today, Snoop Dogg seems to be the next in line for some good ol' bashing.

An Instagram model Aeriel Russo, started the drama after she shared a photo she took with Snoop Dogg on Instagram. The very suggestive photo saw the model and the rapper, locked in embrace, with Snoop's right hand, resting firmly on her buttocks.

People called her out after she shared the photo. While some bashed her for taking a photo with Snoop, and sharing on Instagram,  others felt it was inappropriate allowing a married man touch her bum. The other group of people, the 'I don't care ones' saw nothing wrong the picture and attempted to defend her.

One of the commenters left a comment saying she felt sorry for Snoop's wife and Aerial decided to grace her with a response.

Take a look at the picture, were they right to call her out or is it cool for married Snoop to be snooping around with some beautiful model?

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