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"Peter shame on you" - Video shows PSqaure and Jude Okoye arguing violently in their lawyer's office

Sibling rivalry is more than real. The PSquare boys are a typical example that not all siblings get along.  The famous Nigerian twins, Peter and Paul Okoye and their elder brother Jude, have been in the news for quite a while now after reports went out that they have been fighting again.
We are yet to get the real picture and no one knows exactly why they are aways fighting and threatening to breakup. 

A recent video showing the three brother's arguing so badly and nearly assaulting each other has gone viral. In the video obtained by LIB, Paul the other half of the twins is heard telling Peter,

 "Peter shame on you. Peter, Paul say shame on you!" 

The footage was recorded in their lawyer's office. This is coming after Peter wrote his lawyer asking that the group PSquare be terminated. 

In the letter, Peter said he would not chose his extended family over his immediate family. He said he cannot betray his family as his wife and kids "comes first", hence his reasons for moving on. He accused his brothers of threatening he and his wife and said Jude once promised to shoot his wife Lola Okoye. 

See the termination letter and video of the fight below. It's ok to say 'wow' after watching.

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