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'My ex-wife is suing me for child support, I don't even have a penis' - Man laments

A man who lost his penis at the age of 14 wrote to Reddit users seeking advice after his ex-wife accused him of fathering her children and filed for child support.

The user, Fdcairp, a four times cancer survivor, says he lost his penis and testicles at the age of 14 due to an undisclosed condition but went ahead to marry a woman who claims she was asexual.

Months into the marriage his wife got pregnant and confessed to being with someone else. The couple divorced before she gave birth to a set of twins. Four years later the unnamed wife filed for child support.

Fdcairp wrote:

I lost my ... when I was 14 due to a major health problem. I married to a woman who at the time claimed to be asexual however eventually she told me that she was pregnant with twins with a man she was having sex with. We divorced before the children were born. Now is 4 years later.
So I received in the mail that I'm being sued for child support. The children are definitely not mine and we divorced before they were born. I'm in a horrible situation, my health is very poor and my finances are very very limited. I'm barely affording to survive here.
What are my options? I live in Boston, MA. Thanks in advance

Months later the user returned with an update.

I have both good news and bad news.
The good news is that I won the battle with my ex. I put all my money together and got a lawyer and we fought back against her child support claim against me. I had documents about me showing I don't even have the body parts to even be able to father a child (I don't have penis or testicles) and that the date of the documents were long before I married her. However paternity tests were ordered anyway which came back negative. That ended the case. It took a while and it caused me a lot of stress but I won. I don't know what my ex was thinking going after me like that. Maybe she thought that I won't fight back since my health was very poor at the time.
The bad news is that, I'm dying. As I mentioned in the comments of my original post, I was battling cancer at the time that I made the post. It was the fourth time in my life that I was dealing with cancer and even though I had some success in fighting it last year, it's now back and I have very little chance of beating it again. I will make it to 2018 but that year seems to be the end of my journey. I'm happy with the life I've lived and will continue to live a happy and free life until I finally rest for good.
Thank you all for helping me and giving me hope to fight back. It helped me stay focused and having something to fight for definitely helped me stay more hopeful. You could see from my comments on the original post that I was almost ready to give up.

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