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Man's penis disappears after he gives alms to a crippled beggar in Lagos (video)

There was mild drama at a bus stop in Ikeja, Lagos State on Friday, after a crippled man allegedly made the penis of a good samaritan who gave him money disappear.

An Instagram user  Soyeslim shared the story. According to Soyeslim, the victim whom she didn't video for privacy sake, lost his manhood after he gave N1, 000 to a beggar he met along the way. Passers-by stopped by to question the beggar after the victim raised alarm about his missing manhood. Soyeslim shared a video from the scene and wrote:

This happened at Ikeja Along bus stop today at about 4pm...He's a beggar who happens to be crippled but is known to take something in exchange from men who give him money....their manhood...He did this to a guy who gave him 1k only for to walk away from him and feel his Manhood disappear...I cudnt video the victim for privacy reasons but here's a video of the begger in question... This is a wake up to all of us...let's be careful about who give alms to...Enjoy

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