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Man shares photos of open holes left by vandals in Uyo... watch out for these holes if you are visiting or live there

A Facebook user has called the attention of road users to a possible danger on the streets of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

According to the user, Akan Udom people now steal the irons used in covering the holes on the pedestrian walkway, and have devised new means to achieve their selfish aim. Udom narrated his experience with one of the thieves on his page. He said the incident happened around University of Uyo first gate.

Here is what he wrote:

#ThiefAlert... Who are these Vandals?
A walk around the University of Uyo first gate gate turning through the Ikot Ekpene road round about, one is bound to fall into these open holes that their metal covers are stolen by some vandals if he is not watching his steps.
The thieves rob both at day and sometimes at night removing these heavy irons into their trash wheels for sales along side their other trash they pick from the road, people homes, receptacles etc.
One Sunday after, I saw one trying to steal and I accorded him. How do they operate? They will push their wheel to the spot they wanna remove. Fall the wheel, and empty everything inside on the spot and spend the next few minutes trying to make passerby believe they are trying to pack back their wares back to the wheel. While packing, they also remove the iron from the hole and move together. And they are mostly igbo n Hausa boys into these waste metal recycling.
The road was scanty that Sunday afternoon, and the police weren't on their spot that day. I warned him vehemently and walked away. This morning, passing through that spot, more than 10 more holes are opened. Sadly, I have watched people press phones at night and fall into these pit unaware of their existence.
Pls, this is a call on all Akwa Ibom Sons and Daughters to be more vigilant. I know our people are also removing these irons to sell to these boys at their packing centres, pls let's stop it.
I think the police at that junction aren't doing their job well too, cos I don't know how these could happen when they are always there even at night. It's even more surprising that this is happening at a spot that has the highest level of human traffic in the day and evening hours including keke men and road side traders. Don't they see them?
Uyo is ours, dont spoil it.
This is an act of vandalism, let's rise against it.
See both pictures and tell me how pleasant this sight is.
This is sheer wickedness n very cruel of these vandals.

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