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Man locked inside a supermarket overnight eats $8, 000 worth of food before he was freed

A man who got accidentally locked up in a store overnight decided to make the most of his time there.

47-year-old Liam Norris from Oakland, Tennessee, says he had to use the washroom at Kroger Supermarket shortly before closing time but was accidentally locked in for the night by one of the employees who hadn't bothered to confirm if everyone was out.

When Liam got out of the washroom, he noticed the lights were out, staff had gone and everywhere was quiet. He panicked even more he realised his phone had been left in the car.

Liam the food lover found something to do to get his mind off the bad situation. He wasted no time in descending on the food. He binge ate and wreaked havoc among the Supermarket aisles.

Liam Norris ate at least $8000 worth of cold meat, snacks, cakes and candies. He also downed 17 cans of cola, 2 gallons of orange juice, 5 cans of energy drink and one and half gallon of maple syrup.

The store manger confirmed Liam had devoured a very impressive number of items in the store. He said Liam ate 15 pounds of cold meats, 74 beef jerkies more the 100 pop-tarts, about 70 chocolate bars, four boxes of brownies seven pounds of cold cheese, nine packages of cinnamon buns etc.

When Liam was questioned about eating that much in just eight hours, he explained that it was due to the nervousness. He said he ingests large amounts of food when he is nervous, to keep himself calm.

I was alone in the dark and was afraid. I started eating so I wouldn't think about the fact that I was imprisoned, and kept going till I was freed, he said. 

Despite Liams' nightmare, people think he intentionally locked himself up. They suggest he may have planned the incident.

Police have confirmed they are looking into the issue and would investigate to find out if the Liam was locked up because of a staff's negligence or he intentionally hid himself in the store.

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