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Kendall Jenner breaks the home of Blake Griffin... Griffin's fiancee moves out of their shared apartment

Kendall Jenner may just have broken the home of her new boyfriend Blake Griffin. Griffin was in a committed relationship with his baby mama and fiancee Brynn Cameron and were living happily before the NBA superstar decided to openly flirt with the supermodel.

The flirt reportedly earned his relationship with Cameron a break since July. According to X17, the former lovers moved into separate apartments hoping the dust would settle. But no the dust couldn't settle because the NBA star still had his eyes on the Jenner girl.

Both Brynn and Blake have been staying at rented places since their breakup happened. It seemed like they wanted to give it time for the dust to settle before disrupting the kids with a big move. That said, Brynn feels totally betrayed and mortified that Blake has chosen to be so public with Kendall, and she just wants this whole mess to be over. 

The Blast.com reports that, Griffin and Jenner have gone further to go on multiple dates and the lover boy even flew out during the New York Fashion Week to be with the Vogue model.

Cameron who couldn't handle the embarrassment decided to move out of the Mahanttan Beach house they once shared. On Tuesday, a moving van was seen outside the mansion and tons of toys and properties where seen toted into the truck.

 The estranged couple share two children together, four-year-old Ford and one-year-old Finley.

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