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Huddah Monroe shows off nipple on Instagram (18+ photo)

Kenyan socialite and former Big Brother Africa contestant Huddah Munroe is one lady thirsty for attention. The reality TV star was on Instagram showing off her tit.

Her followers didn't see it coming, but after Huddah shared a beautiful photo of herself having a drink, the petite star decided to go a step further.

Huddah who was at the airport in Cape town, South Africa flashed a nipple for the camera is the new photo she shared to her 1.2m Instagram followers.

Recall that Huddah had a boobs job a while ago, because she felt insecure about her smaller boobs. She revealed at the time, that she went under the knife because she felt insecure after she saw videos from her Big Brother Africa shower hour.
She had shared a throwback photo from when her boobs were smaller and wrote:

And on top huh? Two bee stings? ... This is when I didn't have tits, I succumbed to the pressure of society because I was under depression due to the videos of me in Big brother shower hour. Soooo I ended up getting fat transfer by reducing my butt to get fuller boobs .....................................I wouldn't tell anyone to do the same ! It's still natural coz it's my own fat , NO silicone but I will never advice anyone to go under the knife coz of what people think about their bodies , never make irrational decisions ,wait until you are mature enough .I was naive , young and stupid at that time . Love yourself ! Fuck the rest! Experience is the best teacher! Learn some of these things from me ........ ION, how many love the idea of HUDDAHkini? Bodysuits on my snap chat ?. #WCW. #THROWback#2013 #JWMarriottMarquis".

Unfortunately Huddah's surgery was botched so she was in Beverly Hills early this year to fix her botched boobs. Good to see it turned out well.  Not bad at all!

See the photo below:

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