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Death row inmate asked to choose his last meal, demands and eat up an entire bible

A 33-year-old death row inmate who was asked what he would have for his last meal made a rather unusual choice.

Jeremy Morris, an inmate at William C. Holman Correctional Facility, who was facing death penalty for killing two nuns in 2017, when asked what he would have for his last meal told the the prison guards, 'I just want a bible'.

The security guards thought he wanted to pray and accept Christ in his life,  so they found him a copy of King James Bible.

Surprisingly, Morris began to tear up the bible bit by bit. He chewed on it and swallowed small pieces and ate it all up hours later. The condemned murderer ate up the totality of 1200 pages including the cover.

Walter Henri,  The guard who handed him the old bible said Morris savoured every bite like it was potato chips.

Prison Director, Frank Davis

When asked why he was allowed to eat the bible, Prison director Frank David said it didn't violate their "last meal policy".
Morris was killed on the 15th of September 2017.

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