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Child predator Donald Paninsky arrested after father shares screenshots of messages he sent his 11-year-old daughter

Donald Paninsky

A highly pissed father took to Facebook to shame a pedophile who sent erotic messages to his daughter.
Donald Paninsky, an old handicapped man, who walks on one leg loves to seek out minors on Facebook.
Will Ateberry stumbled on a Facebook chat he sent his 11-year-old daughter.
The angry dad who revealed he had warned his daughter about chatting with strangers without his consent, pretended to be the daughter and responded to the pervert who then started asking her intimate questions.
He asked her if she had pubic hair, the size of her nipple and if she is ever horny. The father shared screenshots of their chat and wrote:

Was going through my daughters phone and came across a message request from donald paninski on fb messenger. She had not answered him because she knows she is not allowed to converse with unknowns unless i approve. So i messaged him from her account. Please help me make this guy famous so that he will not be able to target another child.

After about 458k shares on Facebook, Will returned to say police had arrested the perv. He shared a video of the man being taken away. 


Anonymous said...

Any actual arrest report? Evidence that this is actually real and not another FB BS post?

Kristi Waldron said...

Copy and paste the above link

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