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Blac Chyna finally gets back her Range Rover from Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna and her Lawyer Lisa Bloom have score a big one against Rob Kardashian in their ongoing battle, after Rob succumbed to pressure and returned Chyna's Range Rover.

According to the Blast.com, Rob and Chyna had a mediation on Thursday which went beautifully well, so well it earned Chyna her Range Rover back.

The SUV had been a source of contention between the parents of Dream Kardashian in their ongoing custody battle. Chyna had gifted it to Rob before the breakup but Rob held on to it after their split. The embattled mother of two had always wanted to get back her whip after their messy breakup.

Chyna is over the moon from her latest victory and was even on Snapchat showing it off. She and her Lawyer Lisa Bloom posed by the SUV captioning the photo,  'Thank you Lisa Bloom.'

Congrats Chyna. Chyna 1: Rob 0.

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